LED Mirrors

We produce mirrors according to individual orders and Sizes.

Manufacture of the LED Mirrors

We produce exclusive mirrors with LED lighting, according to individual order. Don’t waste time and money looking for the perfect mirror. Just come up with what it should look like and we will fulfill your vision. We can produce LED mirror of any design and size. Quality materials are used for production. We provide a 3-year warranty.

Possibilities of mirrors with LED lighting:

  • Desired mirror dimensions
  • Rear or front lighting
  • Selectable LED strips, light intensity
  • Touch or remote switch
  • Warm, cold, daylight or colored LED strip
  • Various shapes and designs
  • Defog protection (with heating mat)

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Features of mirrors with LED lighting:

  • Thickness 4-6mm
  • The mirror and LED strip are moisture resistant, making them perfect for use in the bathroom
  • The mounting frame is made of anodized aluminium profile and is corrosion resistant
  • Retreat from the wall (~ 20 mm)
  • With suspension
  • The price depends on the size and technical features

Front Lighting

The mirror with LED front lighting is made by matting the mirror, with a customer-selected pattern and by integrating an aluminum profile and LED strips on the back of the mirror. Such lighting is characterized by the penetration of LED light through opaque areas. Lighting on the entire perimeter, strips horizontally or vertically is usually available, but we can also make a mirror decorated with various other patterns, according to the customer’s wishes. A mirror with a backlight can be used not only as a decorative detail, but also as a main light source.

Back Lighting

A mirror with LED backlighting is usually used for decorative lighting rather than functional lighting. LED strips are mounted behind the mirror and the light scattering around the sides of the mirror creates an impression of coziness.

Additional Services

Mirrors with heating mat

We produce mirrors with a heating mat glued to the back. The mirror heating function is most relevant if you plan to keep the mirror in the bathroom. The heating mat ensures that the mirror does not dew and you can enjoy a bright view at all times.

Touch mirror switch

We produce mirrors with a sensor built into the frame. You turn on the lights with one hand gesture.