Mirror tile 30x30X42 4MM Phase AG1 Gold Triangle


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Among the wide range of mirror inserts available in our offer in different colors, shapes and sizes, two basic types can be distinguished due to the processing of mirror glass: with phase or glass. The work done on the glass makes the resulting tiles have smooth edges devoid of roughness, unevenness and sharpness. Thanks to this treatment of mirror glass, the resulting tiles have excellent aesthetic values, and contact with glass is simply safe.


The bevel is a decorative finish that applies around the tile, on all its sides. Mirror tiles with a bevel have “beveled” edges at an angle of several degrees, in addition, during their manufacture, appropriate polishing is used. The width of the beheading, i.e. the phase on the tiles made of mirror, is between 5 and 40 mm. The most commonly used and most popular are phases with a width of 10 and 15 mm. Chamfered tiles have a more subtle look compared to those finished with glass.


Mirror tiles with ground glass have rounded, aligned edges. The sanding can be polished (glossy) or matte. The end result of such a process is perfectly matching to each other after folding two tiles. Grinding mirror plates is a process performed using advanced devices with the utmost care and accuracy.

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300mm x 300mm


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